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Classical Greek Phalanx


1 In Stock

This set allows you to recreate the warriors that fought in some of the classical world's most famous battles and campaigns. Fight against the Spartan alliance in the Peloponnesian War; undertake the massive but ultimately disastrous invasion of Sicily; lead Xenophon’s 10;000 mercenaries across Asia; crush the might of Sparta at the battle of Leuctra or fight alongside Alexander to the edges of the known world.

This box contains sufficient components to build 40 Hoplites representing warriors of the Greek city states of the era c.450 to 323 BC (from the start of the first Peloponnesian War to the death of Alexander the Great). Included are variants of types of helmets that were in use during these years; such as the Thracian; Pilos and Phrygian styles.

Also included is a sheet of full-colour shield decals; and two sprues of metal arrows to further embellish your shields and bases.

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