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Cosmic Encounter


2 In Stock

Who—or what—is out there?

Colonize the galaxy in Cosmic Encounter! This game of interstellar exploration; negotiation; and conflict invites three to five players to lead their own unique alien civilizations as they seek to spread across the stars. But every planet is ruled by someone; and the only way to expand your cosmic colonies is through either diplomacy or war. By establishing colonies on five planets beyond the reaches of your home system; you will safeguard the future of your species and earn victory. But if you fail; you will fall into the black abyss of space! Every game of Cosmic Encounter is different; and the tables can turn in an instant.

Forge your alliances; outwit your enemies; and spread your colonies across the galaxy!

Cosmic Encounter includes:

1 Quick-Start Guide
1 Rulebook
1 Warp
1 Hyperspace Gate
25 Player Planets (5 per player)
100 Translucent Plastic Ships (20 per player)
51 Alien Sheets
197 Cards
51 Tokens
1 Genesis Planet
1 Alternate Filch Flare

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