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D&D Dungeon Mayhem


7 In Stock

In this action-packed Dungeons & Dragons card game you win by being the last adventurer standing.
Play as one of four brave - quirky characters; Barbarian / Paladin / Rogue or Wizard. Then battle it out in a dungeon full of treasure! With magic missiles flinging / dual daggers slinging and spiked shields dinging its up to you to prove your adventurer has the guts to bring home the glory!
Illustrations created by Kyle Ferrin in the four decks of cards represent Sutha the Skullcrusher (barbarian)- Azzan the Mystic (wizard)- Lia the Radiant (paladin)- and Oriax the Clever (rogue). Pick one of these characters and play their mighty power cards such as Azzans Vampiric Touch to swap hit points with an opponent or Suthas Whirling Axes to heal yourself while dealing crushing damage to the rest of the party.
Includes; - Four 28-card decks - Four hit point trackers - Four symbol cards - Sixteen damage tokens - Four hit point tokens - Description from Publisher

CARD FORMAT - 63.5mm x 88mm
CARD QTY - 112

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