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Desert War: Zenith Transformation Paint Set


1 In Stock

Desert War Zenith Transformation Airbrush Paint Set.

Six different highly pigmented Model Air acrylic colors; each in 17ml plastic 'eye dropper' bottles:
- 1st Shadow (71215)
- 2nd Shadow (71216)
- Base (71217)
- 1st Light (71218)
- 2nd Light (71219)
- Bright (71220)

Also includes:
- 17ml Gray Primer (70601)
- 17ml Satin Varnish (70522)
- 17ml Medium Glaze (70596)
- 30ml Light Sienna Pigment (73104)
- 30ml Natural Umber Pigment (73109)
- Flat Toray drybrush
- Vacuform palette and illustrated step-by-step instructions to create zenith lighting effects.

- Description from Manufacturer

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