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In Herbaceous; herb collectors compete to grow and store the most valuable medley of herbs. Everyone starts with four containers; each of which allows a different grouping action:

Group herbs of same type
Group different types
Group pairs
Group any three types (same or different)
On your turn; you draw a herb; then decide to either keep it in your personal collection or put in into the communal pile. If kept; the next card goes to the communal pile; if placed in the communal pile; the next card goes in your personal collection.

At the start of your turn; you can decide to use a container. If so; you assemble cards from personal and communal spaces; group them; then turn them all over. You have then collected those and can't use the container again.

At the end of the game; collectors determine the best collection as a combination of value from their collection; matching herbs; and herb sets.

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