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Flames of War: Hungarian Machine-gun Platoon


1 In Stock

Includes three 7/31 HMG Teams

The Hungarians use the same machine-gun they used during the Great War; the Schwarzlose 7/31M. The 7/31M has a water-cooled jacket which allows it to sustain a high rate-of-fire over a long period of time; making it an ideal support weapon in defensive situations.

The Hungarian heavy machine-gun was a veteran of the First World War; the Austrian Model 1907 Schwarzlose. The machine-guns were adapted in 1931 to take a new Hungarian 8 x 56mm round that replaced the old Austrian 8 x 50mm round.

Despite the age of the design the 7/31M was still being produced up until 1944. It had a rate of fire of 350 rounds per minute and ammunition came in belts of 250 rounds.

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