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Kill Team: Killzone Essentials


Out of stock

Commanders of elite kill teams know that victory is often a matter of securing the proper resources and ensuring their operatives have the tools they need to get the job done. Given the critical nature of their missions; kill teams often find themselves equipped with all manner of useful tools; from measuring devices to portable barricades.

Killzone Essentials is a nifty set of tools for budding players of Kill Team which provides all the accessories necessary to play; including measuring gauges; tokens; and a wide assortment of counters.

In this set; you’ll find:

- Three combat gauges marked with the measurement symbols found in the Kill Team Core Book; ideal for fitting into tight gaps and the small spaces between models in the dense terrain of a killzone
- Six Kill Team barricades; providing essential cover for your operatives as they dash between ruins and ramshackle technology
- A token sheet containing 84 assorted tokens and counters; perfect for keeping track of your orders and the status of your operatives during games of Kill Team

- Description from Games Workshop

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