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Kreigsmarine S Boat Flotilla


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The Schnellboat or ‘E Boat’ as the British Admiralty called them; E for enemy; was a truly formidable beast; in many ways incomparable in detail to the other nation’s boats.

In sheer size alone; the E boat was much; much bigger. Allied boats tended to be 70-80 feet in length; the E boat 115 feet long; and the laws of physics; though complex; favour a larger hull for speed over a shorter one.

German engineering also gave them another advantage; as when speed reached 25 knots; a crank mechanism when turned moved 2 side rudders to flare; symmetrically outward at 30 degrees; creating an air-filled hollow space; the so-called Lurssen effect. This gave three distinct advantages; greater speed; a reduction in the tell-tale wake of the speeding boat; and finally settled the boat in a more efficient plane; leaving the vessel shallower in the water; most useful in mine and torpedo infested waters and remarkable for a boat weighing in at 100 tons!

Contains: six E-boats (3x S-38 & 3x S-100)

Note: All Cruel Seas items manufactured by Warlord Games are 1/300th (6mm) scale.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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