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Djeco – Ludanimo


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3 complete games for pre-schoolers: circuit game; memory game and balancing game.

Walking The Animals: The 15 shape blocks are placed to form a circuit with colors organised in repeated series of
red/green/blue. The children throw the dice in turn. Their animals go forward to the next block with the color
that has come up on the dice. The player who arrives the first on the last block wins the game.

Hide And Seek: The 6 shape blocks are placed in the centre of the game area. The adult hides the 6 animals at random under the 6 shape blocks. The first child throws the dice; tries to find the animal that comes up on the dice by lifting up the shape block of his choice.
If he finds the animal he is looking for; he has won it and places it in front of himself.
If he does not find the animal he is looking for under the block or if there is no animal there;
the next player throws the dice.
And so on…
The player who finds the most animals wins the game

Bang; Crash; Wallop - Poor Animals!: The blocks and animals are placed in front of the players within arm's reach.

Playing the game Version 1:
The children choose in turn a block or an animal and place them
on top of each other. The player who makes the pyramid fall over loses the game.

Playing the game Version 2 :
With 1 color dice and 1 animal dice; the children take turns to throw the 2 dices. The color dice determines the block that the child must take and place on the pyramid. When it is his turn the player chooses a block or an animal corresponding
to what comes up when the dices have been thrown.
The blocks and animals are placed one on top of the other or one inside the other to form a pyramid. The player who makes the pyramid fall loses the game.

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