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t's the roaring '20s and there's a fortune to be made steaming across the wild oceans. To succeed; you'll need a captain's steady nerve and the help of Lady Luck to land your cargo where it's needed. You have ships full of passengers and precious cargo; but can you outrun pirate robbers; terrifying storms and a stock market crash that might devalue your goods?

Manifest is a game of cargo ships; sea scoundrels; and nautical mayhem. Win points for your shipping company by completing Contracts. Pick up the required goods or passengers at their source; then navigate the high seas to deliver them to their destination. With a choice of private and public contracts and multi-purpose action cards; there are many paths to victory; and some take that options to make sure your opponents don't steal the limelight.

Manifest can be played in two ways: Standard and Expert. The Standard game is the introductory and family game. The Expert game builds on this; with a deck-buying and building mechanism replacing the blind card draw; thus adding another level of strategy that confident players may prefer

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