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Marvel Champions: Star-Lord Hero Pack


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Though he was born on Earth; Peter Quill’s life has been spent among the stars; jumping from planet to planet. Now; under the mantle of Star-Lord; he protects our world from countless alien dangers while leading a team of superheroes—the Guardians of the Galaxy!

Lead the Guardians of the Galaxy into battle against the villain in the Star-Lord Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game; which introduces Star-Lord as a brand-new playable hero; along with his fifteen signature cards. Fittingly; Star-Lord uses the Leadership sphere; and you’ll find a full assortment of new Leadership cards; as well as plenty of cards that reward you for uniting the Guardians of the Galaxy. With the new Guardian synergies unlocked; and a new player card for every sphere that rewards you for using the Aerial trait; you won’t want to let the Star-Lord Hero Pack fly past you.

NOTE: This is NOT A STAND ALONE GAME and requires the Marvel Champions Card Game to play.

- Description from Publisher

AGES 14+
PLAYTIME 60 minutes

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