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Bolt Action: German Panther Zug


1 In Stock

The Panther was the best all-around German tank of the war and although conceived as a medium tank; at 45 tons and with frontal armour over 100mm thick; it could easily be rated more highly.

The Panther's thick; sloping front armour was copied from the Russian T-34 but the main gun was a weapon that far excelled anything the Russians possessed; the high-velocity KwK 42 L70; which was capable of penetrating any Allied tank in service when it was first introduced.

This is the second version of the tank; built from mid-1943 onwards; it saw action on both Eastern and Western fronts. Bizarrely the marques did not follow alphabetical order. Changes on the original Panther include a redesigned hull machine gun and a commanders cupola.


3 plastic Panther tanks

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