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2 In Stock

Can you find the Pharaoh's treasures?

The stony rich but scatterbrained pharaoh collected a lot of treasures and hid them under his pyramids. Unfortunately; he has forgotten what he has buried where... In the scattered Pharaoh; the players make their way through the pyramids to find the Pharaoh's treasures with brains and luck. But it's not only the players who stand in their way; but also curses; sandstorms and of course the dreaded mummy! With variant for professional treasure hunters!

* 47 Plastic Pyramids
* 30 Search Cards
* 1 Playing Surface (Insert in box)
* 12 Treasure Cut-Outs
* 21 Chips
* 1 Mummy Token

- Description from Publsiher

PLAYTIME 30-45 minutes

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