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SET: The Family Game


4 In Stock

The Family Game of Visual Perception?? The award-winning game challenges players to race to find as many SETs as they can! A SET is three cards where each inidual feature (color- shape- number and shading) is either all the same OR all different! The first player to see a SET calls out SET and grabs the cardsthere are no turns and no luck here! And not only is it fast-paced fun- it also builds skills and exercises the brain! Because it has a rule of logic- and because players must apply this rule to the spatial array of patterns all at once- they must use both left brain and right brain thought processes! At the end of the game- the player with the most SETs wins! SET is prefect for a wide age range and number of players (including solo play!)- and is a fun intergenerational game as well. - Description from Publisher ispan stylefont-weight 400;AGES 8+iispan stylefont-weight 400;1-20??PLAYERSiispan stylefont-weight 400;CARD FORMAT - 63.5mm x 88mmiispan stylefont-weight 400;CARD QTY -??81i

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