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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Sin and Viper


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When the Red Skull sought an heir for his criminal empire; he fathered Sinthea Schmidt. The girl was raised with constant indoctrination of her father’s twisted views. Forced to undergo physical transformation in one of the Red Skull’s machines; she was gifted with superhuman powers. With her partner Crossbones and an incarnation of the Serpent Squad by her side; Sin has rampaged across the world; coming into conflict with the Avengers; S.H.I.E.L.D.; and the Winter Soldier.

As a child; Ophelia Sarkissian was taken by Hydra and raised by Daniel Whitehall; the mysterious agent known as Kraken. For over two decades; she trained to become one of the organization’s most proficient soldiers. Later in life; she abandoned Hydra to become the leader of the Serpent Squad mercenaries; where she used her peak physical conditioning; cunning; and ruthlessness to secure her place as a deadly viper in the global underworld.

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