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South Pacific Sealife Frame


Out of stock

Pacific Ocean wildlife: Flying fish; wandering albatross; brown booby (2 diving); pelican; lesser frigate bird; black-browed albatross; blue whale; squirrel/soldier fish (lots; including the shoal middle left -bright red); Portuguese man-o-war (jellyfish); yellowfin tuna(distant at top); leatherback turtle; manta ray; sailfish; Goldman's Sweetlips (horizontal striped); sperm whale; giant squid; striped grunts (or yellow snappers); swimming purple sea cucumber; lion fish (or zebra/dragon/butterfly/scorpion/turkey fish!); blue shark; blue surgeon fish; octopus; longnosed butterfly fish; red emperor(striped red & white); spotted pufferfish; 2 yellow butterfly fish (left); great white shark; parrotfish(2); various corals; red and blue starfishes; brain coral(bottom right).

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