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Tales of Asgard


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The Realm Eternal stands as a bastion of justice throughout the cosmos. Only Loki; the God of Mischief; dares threaten Asgard’s peace in his obsession with usurping the throne. Loki’s minions; all traitors and henchman mired in his tricks and illusions; work both secretly and openly to execute his master plan. It’s up to Thor; Valkyrie; and Korg to untangle the web of intrigue and bring Loki to justice. Trouble is; even knowing Loki’s ultimate goal; one can never be certain what traps the Trickster God has laid for the Heroes pledged to thwart his rightful rule.

Fortunately; the trio are not without their allies; Asgard being home to many of the universe’s most powerful individuals. But; can they all be trusted? Loki’s insidious illusions play upon hearts and minds; needs and desires; and no one; not even the Mighty Thor himself can wholly guard against his influence. Why; even one of the renowned trio might be unwittingly in Loki’s employ!

It’s a race against time and hidden fears as this Tale of Asgard unfolds.

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