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Texas Zombies


1 In Stock

A group of students from the University of Texas has decided to go for a field trip to an abandoned military base; lost in the middle of the desert; but once they arrive; nothing happens as expected. Indeed; the old base has become a laboratory for a Mexican drug cartel; exploiting at will a cheap and dutiful workforce: zombies! And this doesn't count the other strange creatures that have lost themselves in this forsaken place...

In Texas Zombies; each player is secretly a member of one of two teams: Beta Lambda and Darwin & Dragons. During the game; each player must face a variety of situations — either dangerous; terrifying or simply unlikely — and try to overcome them using only the random items he has on hand. The active player tells a story using 1-3 of the item cards he has in hand; then everyone else votes on whether or not he survives. If he does; he keeps the threat card; and whichever team has collected the most threats at game end wins.

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