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Tsuro of the Seas


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If you've played Tsuro by Calliope Games - then this is the next level in gameplay!

The basic game play of Tsuro of the Seas resembles that of Tom McMurchie's Tsuro. Players each have a ship that they want to sail — that is; keep on the game board — as long as possible. Whoever stays on the board the longest wins the game.

Each turn players add wake tiles to the 7×7 game board; each tile has two wake connections on each edge; and as the tiles are placed on the board; they create a connected network of paths. If a wake is placed in front of a ship; that ship then sails to the end of the wake. If the ship goes off the board; that player is out of the game.

What's new in Tsuro of the Seas are daikaiju tiles; representing sea monsters and other creatures of the deep. Notably; daikaiju can move: each tile has five arrows; four for moving in each of the cardinal directions and another one for rotation. On the active player's turn; he rolls two six-sided dice; on a sum of 6; 7; or 8; the daikaiju will move; while on any other sum they'll stay in place. To determine which direction the daikaiju tiles move; the player then makes a second roll; this time with a single die. On 1-5 in the second roll; each daikaiju moves according to its matching arrow. On a 6 in the second roll; a new daikaiju tile is added to the board.

If a daikaiju tile hits a wake tile; a ship; or another daikaiju tile; the object hit is removed from the game. Another way to be ousted! The more daikaiju tiles on the game board; the faster players will find themselves trying to breathe water...

- Description of Publisher

PLAYTIME 20-40 minutes

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